Vudoo for tourism


Vudoo's award-winning application dedicated to tourism that turns guests' stay into revenue for the Host. Arcibold takes care of providing guests with a fabulous stay by offering useful tips to enrich their vacation. Because for us, guests are the real value of bookings!

Your travel companion

Arcibold analyzes booking data, customer information, weather conditions, date and time of day, geographic location, and much more. With the use of an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, Arcibold is able to provide guests with useful suggestions to enrich their vacation. Restaurants, museums, guided tours, rentals, and much more. Arcibold interacts with customers through instant messaging on their mobile phones so they don't have to search the web for information.


Certified transactions

Thanks to the integrated blockchain, guests can access services without using cash or vouchers but with a simple QR code. This allows the system to certify all transactions, making them equivalent to a notarial contract, thus avoiding any disputes. With real-time information exchange, Arcibold verifies if the service has been provided and provides customer feedback in order to update artificial intelligence on the quality of the service.