Vudoo is a company that deals with e-commerce and aims to help businesses grow and succeed online.

The company uses a professional platform called Freecomm®, which has been developed over the last 25 years and has been successfully used by thousands of public and private companies. Thanks to Vudoo, inserting an article, sending it to marketplaces, promoting it online, and controlling sales and shipments is very easy, thanks to the award-winning control panel.

Our company invests in your business using the "Revenue Share" model, sharing the initial costs with you and offering you the opportunity to sell online. Vudoo gives you the chance to sell and distribute your products worldwide, thanks to our dedicated warehouses and logistics network that allows us to ship anywhere. Our goal is to help businesses grow and achieve online success, working together in a win-win perspective. With our expertise, seriousness, and cutting-edge technologies, we can create a successful future for your company together.

Technology at the service of simplicity is our true strength!


Vudoo uses Freecomm®, a professional, robust, and fast platform, which has been used by thousands of public and private companies for over 25 years. A wealth of experience at your service capable of making any activity work.



With Vudoo everything is simple. Thanks to its award-winning control panel, inserting an item, sending it to marketplaces, promoting it online, monitoring sales and shipments is a breeze for everyone.

Win-win philosophy

With the "Revenue Share" formula, it is Vudoo that invests in your business by sharing the initial costs with you, allowing anyone to start selling online. Vudoo's goal is to grow your shop together because the only way to recover our investments is to make you sell continuously. Win-Win, we win together.

La filosofia win-win
Il network internazionale

International network

Vudoo is a company owned by prestigious international partners and investors. Thanks to the connections with Retalco, the parent company based in New York, we are able to offer companies the opportunity to sell and distribute products in the American market with dedicated warehouses. Vudoo's logistics network not only ships worldwide but is also specialized in distribution to Middle Eastern and Asian countries thanks to a privileged shipping channel.

Success Stories

Bisarno is a New York-based company that produces cashmere clothing. Initially, they used Shopify as their online store, but when they discovered the opportunities offered by Vudoo, they decided to switch platforms.

We are here to help you create success stories like Bisarno and transform your business by joining the digital revolution.

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