Vudoo is a concentrate of technology that makes simple what is not simple: sell online


The Vudoo CRM is a real control unit with which you can easily and immediately control all the needs of your company such as checking sales, analyzing access to the site, managing the product catalog, configuring links to channels. social networks or marketplaces, activate advertising campaigns, send newsletters and much more.
Vudoo has received international recognition for the power and ease of use of its CRM.


Goal: to increase the number of customers.

With Vudoo's CRM you can configure and connect numerous marketplaces to your catalog in order to automatically send products to these channels and keep them updated in terms of availability and price. Not only traditional marketplaces like Amazon and eBay but also social commerce like Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping. In this way it is possible to quickly and without major investments reach a huge number of customers ready to buy from your store. contact us


Goal: to make the site visible on search engines.

Vudoo CRM is capable of generating the keys that the main search engines use to index content. In fact, during the creation of pages and products, Vudoo automatically creates the necessary MetaTag fields so that they are positioned in the first results of internet searches.
In the Marketing section of the CRM it is also possible to configure the SEO information for all contents. of the site in order to make it optimized for search engines, post on social networks, send newsletters and much us


Goal: to increase customer satisfaction.

The most challenging part in undertaking an e-commerce is the management of sales, that is, of everything that happens during the purchase process and delivery to the final customer. With the Vudoo CRM it is possible to check the correctness of payments, the status of shipments and manage customer requests, all in a single space. For those who do not have the time or ability to do it alone, Vudoo provides a team of experts who will take care of all this for us


Goal: to obtain information for optimized marketing.

Vudoo's CRM provides all the information needed to create optimized marketing campaigns in real time. Three clues that make a test: who buys, who accesses the site, who follows you on social networks. By combining this information it is possible to establish the best performing markets for your products, the gender and age of the customers to be sensitized and other strategies that can be done independently or with the help of professionals in the us


Goal: to expand its distribution network.

According to a Google study, the most significant development in e-commerce will be business-to-business. In fact, thanks to this tool it will be easy to find and manage new points of sale in any country in the world, just a list, a telephone and ... Vudoo. With CRM you can create an archive of sellers who will be able to independently monitor their accrued commissions, manage their customer package and much us