It's time to sell online, now you have no more excuses to postpone

Register your business

Enter the details of your business and in a few seconds Vudoo will create a complete online shop for you including:

  • A payment gateway to accept card or PayPal payments.
  • The connection with the main couriers to ship your products.
  • A control panel to manage your sales.
  • Your store will be hosted for free on our servers so you can immediately benefit from the speed of our network without having to pay for hosting or other additional costs.

Frame the product, take a photo

Instant Commerce is a revolutionary technology accessible to everyone, making it so simple to create your own digital catalog that anyone can do it. With the help of artificial intelligence, Vudoo can acquire any type of product.

Does the product have a label?

Vudoo reads the information on the label, performs an internet search, and retrieves a high-resolution photo, description, and average selling price. It is sufficient to add your own price and quantity available to publish it online.

Does the product not have a label?

If you have handmade products that don't have a label, Vudoo analyzes the photo and transforms it to be compatible with online sales. It is sufficient to add the title, price, and quantity available to publish it online. In both cases, Vudoo will add important SEO information to the product sheet that will allow your products to appear in the top positions of major search engines in a short time.

Sell and ship

With the LDB service, you focus on the products, and Vudoo takes care of everything else. LDB stands for Logistic, Delivery, and Banking and is the service that Vudoo makes available to all companies, in exchange for a commission on sales, so that they do not have to deal with all the complex post-sale operations such as:

Logistica e Spedizione

Logistics and Shipping

Vudoo automatically calculates shipping costs and selects the most suitable courier based on the product type and destination. Once payment has been verified, the system issues the waybill for shipping and sends it to the company in PDF format, which only needs to print it and attach it to the package containing the sold products. One of our couriers will pick up the goods to deliver them to the final customer. Vudoo will take care of managing any customs, logistics issues, breakages, returns, etc.

Gateway Bancario

Payment Gateway

The management of payments is one of the most delicate moments in the online sales process. To prevent fraud, it is necessary to use sophisticated digital payment systems, which are often costly and not accessible to all companies. Vudoo provides a secure and reliable payment gateway, protected by blockchain technology, to ensure the highest level of tranquility in processing transactions. This way, once the product is shipped, you can be sure that the payment will be correctly processed.

Servizio Clienti

Customer Service

Our logistics office will handle customer requests regarding the status of the shipment and other useful information for delivery. If requested, Vudoo will issue an invoice to the final customer, relieving companies of all administrative and accounting obligations.