Use e-commerce to retain your customers

One of Vudoo's features is the ability to aggregate multiple stores together, creating complex e-commerce portals where each store remains independent but interacts with others.

This function allows you to create environments for your customer networks in which each affiliate can display their products and services in dedicated storefronts.

Vudoo also offers the ability to customize your virtual storefront with unique logos, colors, and designs, making your store recognizable and appealing to customers. Additionally, thanks to integration with secure and reliable payment systems, online transactions are simple and secure for both parties.

Moreover, Vudoo offers a highly sophisticated customer relationship management system, which allows you to keep track of orders, manage shipments, and monitor marketing activities. With these features, affiliates can focus on their business activities without worrying about managing their virtual storefront and e-commerce activities.


Vudoo Affiliate

Companies with retail stores can offer Vudoo stores to resellers. This service has two goals: to retain the reseller and to expand the customer base.

Sales made through resellers' shops will be drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer, who will recognize a commission to the seller.