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A recent study shows that the majority of Italian companies rely on traditional web agencies to develop their online presence. It has become a common practice to entrust the same companies that created their website to build an online store, as if this were only a matter of graphic competence.

These agencies, often without any specific experience in e-commerce, simply configure one of the common free e-commerce platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, Magento etc., focusing mainly on the aesthetic aspect at the expense of a serious market analysis and the true needs of each individual company.

The result?

Most of these e-commerce projects do not meet the expectations of the company.

Digital Distribution
Digital Distribution

We're talking about the future of your company!

Vudoo is a company formed by experts with twenty years of experience in the field of online sales, capable of working in synergy with your company to create custom projects that meet all your needs.

With its international network, Vudoo is able to operate in major foreign markets such as Europe, Asia and America, where the parent company manages distribution in the USA from its New York office.

We know how to make your project work, attract new customers and help you sell... really! We're here to help you grow your business and achieve success!

We buy your products
and distribute them worldwide together.

We have applied a new business model that has allowed many companies to grow and expand worldwide without having to divert their attention and care from their products, saving time and money.

With our system, your company does not need to obtain complicated permits to sell products in countries around the world, just sell them to Vudoo with a simple national invoice. We will then distribute them in foreign countries without any problems, as we have all the necessary authorizations. Alcoholic beverages, perfumes, food, and many other products considered "Dangerous Goods" are common daily practices for us that we manage for you with competence and reliability.

Digital Distribution

We're here to help you grow your project, attract new customers and make your sales really take off!

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