technology & simplicity


Vudoo uses Freecomm® a proprietary e-commerce platform developed over 25 years and used by thousands of public and private companies. A wealth of experience at your service capable of making any business work.


With Vudoo everything is simple. Thanks to its award-winning control panel, inserting an article, sending it to marketplaces, promoting it on the internet, checking sales and shipments is a child's play for anyone.


With the "Revenue Share" formula, Vudoo invests in your business, allowing you to grow your shop by sharing the initial costs with you. We will work together to make the project work because the only way to recover our investments will be to make you sell continuously. Win-Win, let's win together


Vudoo is a company owned by prestigious partners and international investors. Thanks to the links with Retalco, the parent company based in New York, we are able to offer companies the possibility of selling and distributing products in the American and Canadian market. Vudoo is also specialized in online sales to Middle Eastern countries thanks to a privileged shipping channel.

Case History

Bisarno is a New York-based company that produces cashmere clothing.
They originally used Shopify as their online store but when they tried Vudoo's features they chose to switch platforms.

To thank us for the boost we gave their company, they agreed to shoot a commercial for us in the "Big Apple".