Think Global.
Serve Local.

Vudoo's strategy for bringing
customers back to stores

Fight e-commerce with its own weapons

More and more people of all ages have become accustomed to making their purchases online. Browsing catalogs this way has become too convenient and simple for them to give up.

The only way to fight the online market is to use its own weapons, so we have devised a system to win back your customers in three simple steps:


Create a catalog with Vudoo

Create a digital catalog of your store, taking care to highlight the products you consider most attractive.

Group the products into categories to simplify customer searches. With Vudoo, you can acquire products with a simple photo or, if you already have photos, insert them through the control panel.


Activate a promotion

Activate a dedicated discount to attract customers to your store by offering a reduced price for products purchased in-store compared to those purchased online.

For example, if a product costs €100 online, it can be purchased in-store for €90. The goal is to communicate a message of savings to your customers: the product costs less, can be tried in-store, and can be purchased immediately without having to pay for shipping costs.


Send it to your customers

Create social media posts and beautiful newsletters with the Storie di Web application that Vudoo provides.

You can plan your geolocated promotional campaign directly from the control panel in order to reach all your customers.