Founded in 1996 from software development for GDO, Freecomm® was considered by Google the first Italian e-commerce platform.


An e-commerce website should be easy to use and intuitive, allowing users to quickly access different sections of the site and find the products they are looking for. At the same time, it should offer a complete overview of the entire catalog.

To achieve this goal, Freecomm has worked intensively in this field, collaborating with universities and study centers to reduce the number of clicks required to navigate the site and optimize the purchasing process through the use of specifically designed colors and images. Freecomm allows users to make purchases with just three clicks, without requiring mandatory registration and showing shipping costs in real-time. This transparency has proven to be successful in terms of results and customer satisfaction.



Thanks to our ongoing research to improve the features of the Freecomm e-commerce platform, we have achieved a level that is difficult to surpass. Our state-of-the-art technology combined with a strategic agreement with the largest Italian Webfarm has made us one of the most powerful and fastest e-commerce platforms internationally (results are monitored through Google Page Speed).

Website loading speed is one of the most important features of an e-commerce site. In fact, if a website is slow to load, it is one of the main reasons why visitors abandon it in favor of competitors. Thanks to our innovative technology, e-commerce sites created with Freecomm have a response time superior to 98% of websites worldwide. Page loading speed has become one of Google's primary discriminators to rank websites in the top search engine results.

Given the vast number of websites on the Internet (over 2 billion and growing), Google only spends a few seconds on each site to present content and keywords. If a site is slow to respond, Google will have access to limited information, whereas if the site is fast, Google can acquire much more information, resulting in displaying your pages in search results.

Search engine-friendly

The main search engines, such as Google, have the primary objective of ensuring that visitors receive an easy and correct answer to what they are looking for. For this reason, they are forced to come up with increasingly complex rules to prevent people from trying to deceive the search to improperly promote their sites. In the past, for example, high-interest words (e.g. iPhone) were used to redirect users to illegal sites. To prevent this, Google has introduced a search algorithm, whose rules change about every six months, which can understand whether the content is relevant to the search key that you want to position.

The Freecomm platform has thoroughly studied these rules to write page content in a way that meets search engine requirements. The result is that the articles entered into our clients' webstores quickly reach the top positions in search results. However, most e-commerce sites are not able to adapt when the Google algorithm changes, which in many cases cancels out the achieved ranking and causes damage to clients. Freecomm, thanks to its excellent relationship with Google's executives, is notified in advance of upcoming changes so that it can release a discreet and free update that allows our webstores to maintain or even improve their positions.


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