Face e-commerce in a professional way

expand your business with the internet

Graphic Customization

The presence on the Internet has now become the business card for all those who want to know your company.

An aesthetically beautiful and well-finished website, as well as increasing its image, offers customers a better shopping experience.

Vudoo Pro comes with a custom template created with the help of experts who can highlight the characteristics of your company.


overturn the concept of sales

Don't wait for customers in your shop

One of the hardest things about an ecommerce project is to bring customers to your online store.

Statistics show that the conversion rate, i.e. the ratio of visitors to sales, is on average one purchase for every hundred visits. Therefore, in order to sell in a meaningful way, it is necessary to intercept the greatest number of customers interested in the products you offer.

Take your shop to where the customers are

In recent years, a large number of customers have moved to the online market, a trend that seems unstoppable.

Vudoo PRO, thanks to a sophisticated propagation system, automatically sends your products to the main marketplaces and social networks so that in a short time there are millions of new customers ready to visit your store.


the ideal tool to strengthen your sales network

Receive orders from online retailers

According to a Google study, the online commerce that will develop the most in the future will be that between companies.

Traditional sales networks are expensive and difficult to manage while an online sales network allows companies to reach new markets without having to move from home. Vudoo has developed a system to manage reseller orders and agents' commissions in a totally automated way in order to grow your network quickly and organized.


knowing how to do and let people know

Campaigns on Social Networks

Vudoo PRO includes a series of tools designed to integrate with the main Social Networks.

Once the links to your pages have been configured, it will be possible to create posts directly from the control panel containing product promotions, thus increasing the number of customers on your shop.

Positioning on Search Engines

The SEO optimization of the contents of your site is essential to position your company on search engines.

Vudoo PRO provides you with a series of tools designed to insert the Meta Tags of the main sections of your site directly from the control panel.

On the panel you can have a complete report on access to the site including the number of visitors, the most interested countries, the gender and age of visitors and much more.

Newsletter integration

With Vudoo PRO you can link a MailChimp or SendInBlue account to your shop so that users who buy or simply subscribe to your newsletter are automatically entered in their database.

This will allow you to send promotional offers, information, etc. to your customers directly from the control panel.