Vudoo is a simple solution
that completely solves the problem of online sales

1. Frame, Shoot and Sell

frame the product you want to sell and take a picture, in a few seconds Vudoo analyzes the photo and thanks to our algorithm creates the product card.
You just have to add the price and how many items you want to sell.

2. Many customers at your disposal

Your product will be sent to the main Marketplace for online sales, ready to be purchased.

Vudoo will also create your own catalog where your customers will be able to see what you have in store.

3. You think about the product

Vudoo will take care of contacting the courier, handling the shipment, talking to customs, collecting the sale and putting the money in the bank.

You will only have to think about packing the product and giving it to the courier, Vudoo will do the rest.