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Article written byRyan McLaughlin

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Fisio Cosmetics: Premium Tuscan hair and scalp treatments

Providing customers with better, hair, scalps, and skin all across the globe.

In 1970, three hairdressers from Pisa came together with a single desire: to create products which would care for the hair and scalp. Shortly after, and with the help of biologists, dermatologists, and cosmetologists, Fisiolinea was born!

The group took inspiration from their homes in Tuscany, a region lush with vines, olive trees, and vast amounts of natural amenities, when formulating their products. Deciding to incorporate elements from their workplace in Vicopisano, mainly Olive Water, which is rich with natural minerals and virtues, as a base for all of their formulas.

It wasn’t long before Fisio Cosmetics dominated over the local market, receiving high praise from their customers as well as hairdressers and beauticians. Despite originally being popularized in Tuscany, their formulas quickly spread to Emilia and Lombardy, and later spread to many other regions of Italy.

In 1988, Ennio Del Corso became the president of Fisio Cosmetics, having already worked for the company for many years, knowing the company and their products through and through. Ennio would lead the company to continue growing and innovating, eventually leading Fisio Cosmetics to their most significant moment of recognition at Cosmoprof in Bologna in 1996.

We offer high-quality products with a vision that embraces the culture and traditions of foreign countries and Italy itself...

At Cosmoprof in Bologna in 1996, Fisio Cosmetics was recognized among a large crowd of competitors for its high quality, and was chosen to begin collaborating with other companies internationally.

Today, Fisio Cosmetics collaborates with companies in 35 different countries across the world. The company has continued to expanded their assortment of hair and scalp formulas, while also introducing new lines of skincare and, more recently, ambient fragrances. Despite the success and growth of Fisio Cosmetics, the company has kept a strong focus on their clients, offering additional private label services, allowing the business to cater to the individual requests of their customers.

Fisio Cosmetics has constantly adapted and evolved with the changes in the premium market. Continuously improving their formulas and creating new ones. Fisio Cosmetics now has a workforce over four times of what it was 20 years ago, leading the company to invest in a brand new vibrant headquarters in 2018, symbolizing a new era of expansion. Additionally at the end of 2022, the company embarked on a new project, Fisio Lab which offers advanced services to beauticians and hairdressers.

Fisio Cosmetics continues to grow and expand their brand with every new formula and project, leaving customers eager to witness their future endeavors.

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“Italy is the homeland of beauty, and Fisio aims to share its authentic 'Tuscanity' not only abroad but also within our beloved country.”

Fisio Cosmetics takes pride in its origins and its surrounding location, they aim to share their love of Tuscany through all of their products