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Vudoo has its roots in the early 90s when Giovanni Cianferoni, Team Manager of Vudoo, he starts developing software for the control of warehouses and sales for large supermarket chains (Coop, Carrefour).

In 1996 with the arrival of the Internet in Italy, he immediately realized the immense potential of this new means of communication and thanks to the experience accumulated, he developed an online version of the management software and patented it with the name Freecomm .This software will be considered by many to be the first Italian e-commerce platform.

For over two decades, thousands of companies have used this platform to sell their products online. Small producers, shops and large companies, relying on Freecomm, have contributed to the development of the system, making it an example of efficiency and reliability.


The difficulty of accessing the digital market for many companies has created a gap between large corporations and small businesses. To remedy this problem, we decided to create an application capable of collecting the knowledge acquired with Freecomm and transforming it into a useful tool within everyone's reach.

We have thus broken down every single component of online sales and transformed it into a digital automatism capable of converting critical issues into opportunities.

In 2018, after a long technological development, the first version of the application was released; a revolution for the e-commerce world, winner of prizes and awards, the startup Vudoo has been the object of attention from institutional investors who with their experience have contributed to the development of the project.

Vudoo is a concentrate of technology that makes simple what is not simple: sell online


Target: to acquire products quickly and easily.

Creating an e-commerce catalog requires time and money.
Vudoo is capable of recognizing the contents of a photo and transforming them into useful information for creating an online catalog. È so just take a picture to create a digital product ready to be sold.


Target: to make products visible on search engines.

Among the information that Vudoo is capable of extracting from a photo are the keys that the main search engines use to index the contents. During the creation of the digital product, Vudoo automatically creates MetaTag fields so that it is positioned in the first results of internet searches.


Target: to increase the number of customers.

Vudoo is able at the moment of the photo to connect to the main marketplaces to automatically send the product of your digital catalog. In this way it is possible to reach a huge number of customers ready to buy from your store quickly and without major investments.