Additional services

You take care of the products, Vudoo takes care of the rest

Vudoo's additional services have been developed to ensure that the customer can continue to focus on their work by letting Vudoo take care of all the sometimes complicated aspects of online sales. Thanks to these tools it is possible to customize your shop based on the needs of each customer, leaving out the superfluous in order to simplify management and optimize costs.


Logistic, Delivery & Banking

The most challenging part of an ecommerce project is managing everything that happens after the sale. Collection, billing, choice of courier, shipping, customs, delivery, returns, customer management, may seem like simple things for one-off orders but when you start selling seriously this could be your heel. d'Achilles.
To avoid having to employ dedicated personnel for these operations, we have been able to automate all these processes so that we can manage them for you. All you have to do is deliver the product to our courier who will come and pick it up, we'll take care of the rest.

In order to simplify the administrative part as much as possible, Vudoo will take care for you to bear all the management costs such as the bank percentage on receipts, the management of the stores on the marketplaces (eg Amazon), the purchase of any additional services, shipping costs and customer care management expenses.

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Catalog propagation across multiple sales channels

Don't wait for customers in your shop

Take your shop to where the customers are

Thanks to a sophisticated propagation system, Vudoo automatically sends your products to a network of marketplaces and social networks selected for you so that after a few seconds there are millions of customers ready to buy your product.

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Il Marketing Automation di Vudoo

One of the hardest things about an ecommerce project is to bring customers to your online store. Statistics show that the conversion rate, i.e. the ratio of visitors to sales, is on average one purchase for every hundred visits. Therefore, in order to sell in a meaningful way, it is necessary to intercept the greatest number of customers interested in the products you offer (leads).
With StorieDiWeb you can send newsletters to your customers, make post on the Social pages, create promotional campaigns and much more in a simple and intuitive way. You will thus be able to independently create a real Editorial Plan with which to find new customers.

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Turn your Vudoo catalog into a Showcase site

The Internet has now become your business card for those who want to get to know your company. For this reason, an aesthetically beautiful and well-finished shop, in addition to increasing its image, offers customers a better shopping experience with relative increase in sales.
With this service Vudoo provides you with a team of professionals to carry out your web project.

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The tool designed for traders

With Vudoo scan you just need to frame the product label to publish it online. This way you can create your catalog in no time without special technological knowledge.

Vudoo Scan solves one of the main problems of merchants who own a physical shop and an online shop: updating the warehouse. In fact, it often happens that a product sold online is no longer available because it has already been sold in the physical store.

With this tool, simply scan the product at the checkout to update stock availability, in real time and simultaneously on all connected sales channels!