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The Wellness Programme sees an initial complete detox phase addressing organs and excretory tissues, namely those responsible for toxin and metabolic waste elimination: skin, kidneys,bowels, liver, blood.
The Detox Path lasts 24 days and is associated with a food education conceived with menus for 6 days to be repeated four times.
It is not a diet and it doesn’tlimit food quantities since it contains all useful nutrients properly spread over the day.

The products of The Detox Path
  • Tonifying Emulsion exfoliating, skin purifier
  • Equisetum Herbal tea kidney purifier
  • Dandelion and Artichoke liver purifier
  • Soy Lecithin blood purifier
  • Compound Drink intestine detox
  • Vitagel energetic, stimulating in general
  • OrtoMei dehydrated ready to eat meal with balanced calorie supply
  • BioMei Apple vinegar and Sunflower Seeds free
Thanks to the general purifying action, stimulation of the metabolism and of the lymphatic stagnation a lost of weight can be observed, variable according to one's situation.