500 ml

39,50 TAX inc.



A product of absolute purity, with no water, based on Silicon extracted from Dolomite. It can be applied topically by means of compresses to absorb inflammations, joint pains, skin irritations, herpes, ulcer, to heal cuts and wounds or as beauty mask (face and hands). For oral use, diluted in water, it supplies silicon for nourishing the connective tissue (nails, teeth, hair, eyes) and represents the backbone of the Calcium Metabolism Path.
- Ingredients: Silicic acid anhydride.
- Properties: anti-inflammatory, cicatrizing, absorbing, purifying, soothing, regenerating.
- Directions: cuts, wounds, abrasions, joint inflammation, burns, sunburn, insect bites, herpes, canker sores, oral diseases, trauma, bruises, rashes, sores, ulcerations.
- Use: in the case of wounds, abrasions, burns and insect bites apply a generous layer of Silicic Acid Gel and leave it working for at least 30 minutes, then remove it. If the treated area should be bandaged, perform it with a gauze or a sterile tissue. As adjuvant for the oral cavity affections and teeth and gums strengthening, it is recommended to hold in the mouth about 1 tablespoon of the product daily. After that, swallow it and do not rinse your mouth. Ideal as a purifying mask for the face, excluding the eye contour area. For oral use 1 tablespoon daily, dispersed in water.