Opening a shop with Vudoo is simple, connecting it to sales channels even more.

Objective? Intercept as many customers as possible

Discover all the usage options:


Vudoo has been designed to be used by all those who want to enter the world of electronic commerce in a simple and economical way. A concentrate of technology that manages to definitively simplify all the processes necessary for online sales. Lightweight , Fast , Flexible .

You choose whether to connect the Vudoo shop to your website or make it your new site instead of the old one. Thanks to Optional Services it is possible to configure it so as not to disfigure in terms of graphics and performance with the sites developed by the most expensive web-agencies.

Vudoo is optimized for use on all digital devices.



Most marketplaces on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping need a landing page where the customer can complete the purchase when they press the "Buy Now" button.

Vudoo allows companies to have a shop, graphically Look & Feel with their site, which is used only for this need. Through the Vudoo control panel it will be possible to manage the product catalog, the warehouse, orders, shipments.



Amazon, eBay, Etsy and all the other marketplaces need a continuous updating of the catalog to always maintain the correct availability of the products.

Vudoo takes care of keeping all the marketplaces connected to your showcase synchronized by sending in real time the warehouse stocks, price changes and the modification or cancellation of products. All this without you having to deal with these actions.



Vudoo was developed using the modular HOP (Hybrid Opensource Platform) platform thanks to which every shop built with Vudoo is able to interact with all the other shops developed with the same technology. This allows the quick creation of Aggregator Portals that can contain an unlimited number of Vudoo "showcases" without losing the original performance.

For this reason it is particularly suitable for all associations that want to create their own online sales portal containing all their members. It will be sufficient for each member to activate the Vudoo shop for free so that the association can add it to the list of sellers via a simple control panel. In real time, the member's showcase will appear on the portal ready to offer their products for sale. see an example of Vudoo portal



With Vudoo you can manage catalogs and orders from all connected sales channels with a single control panel. This will allow you not to have to access the panels of the different channels, some of which are very complicated to manage.
In this way there will be no delays in the management of orders or in customer responses, avoiding you to run into the restrictions that marketplaces apply. for these shortcomings.



Vudoo is based on its own ecommerce platform up to ten times faster than common platforms CONSUMER used by competitors. This allows for an unparalleled indexing of the shop as the page loading speed has become the main discriminant for Google to position websites in the top search engine results.