List your product

Take advantage of Vudoo's ability to recognize the contents present on a photo and transform it into useful information for creating a digital catalog.

Does the product have a label?
Vudoo reads the information on the label, searches the internet and retrieves a high resolution photo, description and average selling price. Just add your price and the quantity you have to publish it online.

Does the product not have a label?
Vudoo analyzes the photo and transforms it to be compatible with online sales. Just add the title, price and quantity you have to publish it online.

For those who prefer the traditional method for inserting products, Vudoo offers a powerful BackOffice thanks to which you can customize (even in a maniacal way) your catalog.

In a few seconds the product will be added to your catalog and automatically sent to the main marketplaces such as Facebook and Amazon ready to be purchased.